TLD Stage Knee Guard, Black


TLD Stage polvisuoja kokotaulukko
Huom. Taulukko on valmistajan suuntaa antava ohjeistus. Mikäli oikean koon valinta askarruttaa, myyjiltä voi kysyä tarkemmat suositukset!

Fitting Knee Guards: Take measurements 10 cm above the knee CENTER for Lower Thigh measurement and 15 cm below knee CENTER for Calf measurement. Measurements should fall into one of the following size categories:

10cm Polven yläpuoli34.5-39.5cm39.5-44.5cm44.5-49.5cm
15cm Polven alapuoli32-37cm37-42cm42-47cm
Käyttäjän paino33-63kg63-82kg82-100kg

The Stage Knee guard offers mid-range trail protection in a packable package. D3O® is used for impact protection. D3O® is soft and flexible to keep the guards comfortable while riding, but on impact, the D3O® material hardens to disperse the energy for protection. Slip on a pair and head out to the bike park in confidence.