Kona Libre 2023


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Huom. Taulukko on valmistajan suuntaa antava ohjeistus. Mikäli oikean koon valinta askarruttaa, myyjiltä voi kysyä tarkemmat suositukset!
147-155 cm61-69 cm48cm50cm46-48 cmSmallXS
152-160 cm66-74 cm48-50 cm50cm48-50 cmSmallSmall
157-170 cm69-76 cm48-52 cm50-52cm48-52 cmSmall, MediumSmall, Medium
168-178 cm74-79 cm52-54 cm52-54 cm52-54 cmMediumMedium
175-183 cm76-84 cm52-56 cm52-56 cm52-56 cmMedium, LargeMedium, Large
180-188 cm81-89 cm54-58 cm54-58 cm54-58 cmLarge, XLLarge
185-196 cm84-91 cm56-58 cm58cm56-58 cmXL-

You’re the type of rider who wants something progressive that still performs well on typical terrain. Road. Gravel. Singletrack? The Libre takes the traditional, flips it on its side and adds a little je ne sais quois to your rides to make them a whole lot of fun. It’s lighter than your old “gravel” rig, and has more aggressive geometry so that when you decide to skip the pavement you can chuckle your way down the unbeaten path without apologies. It’s affordable, a little bit weird, and exactly how we want our gravel bike to feel.