Leatt DBX 4.0 Clip Shoes – Black


Leatt kenkien kokotaulukko
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Leatt kenkien kokotaulukko

The most comfortable performance mountain bike shoe you will ever wear!

The DBX 4.0 is a clip shoe featuring a deep 25mm long cleat channel, offering stability as well as more adjustment options to get the perfect riding set up. It’s quick drying material and great ventilation make it an ideal all-weather shoe for enduro and downhill riders. The Cross Strap System helps the shoe grip your foot and let’s you stay in control throughout your ride.

It features a medium stiff sole, thanks to a specially developed shank which regulates torsion and flexibility. This shank is the reason Leatt shoes give you great control on the bike, but lets you also walk around with ease.

What’s special about the Leatt shoe? Our secret rubber recipe is like your grandma’s hot sauce. Better than anyone else′s! The unique production method offers incredible RideGrip for ultimate bike control in all weather conditions. The sole also features mud channels, which efficiently keep the mud off the soles, so that you are in conastant contact with your pedals or the ground.