Race Face Vault Front hub, 15x110, Blue


The Vault Front Hub features a unique Race Face internal hub design, which consists of bearings that are spaced wide apart to spread the bearing load evenly across the hub shell, which improves both the bearing lifespan and performance. The hub internals are protected exceptionally with low-drag labyrinth seals that are specially designed for the Vault hub shell and for your convenience, the end caps for axle swaps and maintenance are completely tool-free to work on.

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The Race Face Vault Front Boost MTB Hub is a super-fast rolling, can be converted to multiple axle standards, and provides exceptional, top-level stability and reliability thanks to modern Boost spacing. Featuring an oversized hub shell, which enabled Race Face to design it with podium proven large 6902 cartridge bearings. These larger bearings have larger ball diameter, which in turn increase performance, smoothness and durability. This hub provides exceptional lateral and torsional stiffness and a superbly smooth riding experience.