Mucky Nutz R/CX Butt Fender, Reflective


Mucky Nutz UUTUUS! Takalokari, jossa heijastinpinnat sivuissa.

9.50 €

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Toimitusaika 1 - 4 vuorokautta


A mini Butt Fender for Road & CX bikes!

This rear mudguard has a simple, clever design that′s lightweight and discreet, specifically designed for narrower tyres found on Road or Cyclocross bikes.

Prevents ′soggy arse syndrome′.
Fitted as close as possible to back face for optimum muck catching.
Prevents the top of your seat post from getting clogged up.
Discreet but very effective.
Possibly the lightest rear mudguard, at just 15g.
No fasteners required! A simple, clever design makes it easy to fit and take off.
Compatible with all standard double steel rail saddles, so long as they don′t have any daft bits hanging off the rear (see image).
When not in use, you can store under the saddle or take it off. Simple!
Easy to clean as it′s flexible and opens flat. Simply wipe it and you′re done.