Geosmina Cargo cage bag


Cargo Cage fork bag our spoiled girl. One of our most useful and polyvalent lightweight cycling bags. Its composite cage can be fixed to your fork with clamps or, if it’s allowed, with screws. Our Cargo Cage fork bag can also be fixed on threads to carry bottles in your frame. The 5 liter bag with internal TPU laminated. Completely waterproof and will ensure that your stuff always travels isolated from moisture and dust. The cage and the bag make a great team together, but separately they can be very useful for you as well. You can use the bag for transporting or even take water. It can be your travel shower. Cage allows you to transport large bottles of water or whatever you improvise along the way. Valid for rigid and suspension forks.

52.00 €

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Toimitusaika 1 - 4 vuorokautta


Waterproof 210D pyramid Nylon outershell with PU coating.
100% waterproof TPU inner laminated.
High resistance to abrasion and tearing.
Double side roll down closure for tightness guarantees.
ECO environment material. Free of PVC and 100% recyclable.
The bag is fixed by Nylon safety straps.
Nylon Composite cage with protective foam. Lightweight and strong
2 stainless clamps with protective foam.
Let mounting on fork or frame by screws.
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Size details of the bag and cage:

Bag length: 12 cm. (open)
Cage length: 7.5 cm
Bag width: 12 cm.
Cage width: 12.5 cm
Bag height: 38 cm.
Cage height: 21.5 cm