TLD Skyline LS Jersey, Black

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Sprint, Skyline, Skyline Air LS Jersey kokotaulukko
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Sprint, Skyline, Skyline Air LS Paita
1. Kaulus-helma edestä69,9cm71,8cm73,7cm75.6cm77.5cm
2. Kaulus-helma takaa76,2cm78,2cm80cm81,9cm81,9cm
3. Rintakehä50,8cm54,6cm58,4cm62,2cm67,3cm
4. Vyötärö50,2cm54cm57,8cm61,6cm66,7cm
5. Hihansuu9,5cm10,2cm10,8cm11,4cm12cm
6. Hihan pituus85cm87,6cm90,2cm92,7cm95,3cm

We took our best-selling jersey that is easy to wear and with supreme comfort, and added long sleeves, then took it upon ourselves to refine the whole package with an industry first, environmentally sustainable Bluesign® certified approved fabric. Going to a lighter, better moisture-wicking material, the Skyline LS jersey is more comfortable than ever while still retaining its ideal loose fit. Long praised for its combination of value and performance, the Skyline LS jersey adds a new dimension an old favorite.